Monday, February 27, 2012

WIP: Jumping Angels

Here are some pics of my current projects:

The Vanguard Veterans have been a work in progress for the longest time. Never really got round to finishing them, since they really have no place outside of a focused DoA list.

There's still quite a lot of touching up to do. Text on scrolls, line highlights, a wash here and there. The dual sword-wielding dude below is something of a reminder of my own old ambition to learn to wield 2 swords at once in kendo. It's been a long, long time since I set foot in a dojo, though...

This squad of Honour Guard is my first attempt to paint large areas of gold. Personally, I don't like the result that much. Looks a bit patchy for my liking. I blame the undercoat - Krylon something-or-other, but with a Satin finish. That stuff looked good for doing Black Legion in a hurry, but not so good for these guys. We'll see how they look after I'm done filling in the little details. Lotsa cleanup needed here.

The Lightning Claw of the dude in front is from a Terminator. Took quite a bit of filing to fit that thing under a normal marine shoulder pad, let me tell you...


This is the current state of my Sanguinary Guard. Not quite WYSIWYG, since I really don't have 25 pts to spare for Death Masks, but I just LOVE the look of the Death Masks. But let me tell you, posing these buggers is a right pain in the neck - they can't look straight! That's why the guy in the middle with the big honkin' powerfist is helmetless and enjoying the luxury of looking straight ahead.

The Sang Guard were undercoated using Krylon, but this time Flat. The Shining Gold was, as you can see, much happier to stick to that, making for a much smoother coat than with my Honour Guard.

I'm loving how the Sang Guard are turning out but man, layering those wings is possibly the most tedious thing I've ever painted. Even more so than line highlighting Necron vehicles. Anyway, time to go and be a tyrant.

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