Sunday, August 31, 2014

WIP: Nils Nielsen has nothing on me...

... or indeed any 40k hobbyist who's halfway competent with a brush. Here's where we are now with Sengoku Astray/ proxy Commander Farsight:

I'm pretty pleased with how with glowy green bits turned out. The kit comes with these silly little stickers that are supposed to go there:

Gawd, that looks cheap. So, I applied pretty much the same technique I did for the glowy orbs on my Necrons, starting with Abbaddon Black, to Caliban Green, to Warboss Green, to Scorpion Green, then added a little white, and that was that.

The white was tedious as hell, even with the magical and fantastical Ceramite White. But worth it, I think. Just a little more to go, i.e. some metal bits here and there, an accent or two, if the mood takes me, perhaps a decal or two or three for flavour, some varnish and then on to the battlefield to CUT SHIT UP!

Elsewhere, the land of GW is still pretty dry for me, so I'm still focusing on my team of Gunpla:

Buster Gundam looks really weedy compared to the others, now that I look at it... Anyway, once I'm done with Sengoku Astray, on to this guy!

 Kampfer Amazing! Yeah, stupid name, but I like the look and I like those guns. No need to mess about with pansy-ass pistols or a long rifle that takes up both hands - I wanted the biggest guns it could reasonably carry in each hand!

And as I was finishing off the final touches of its construction in the lovely FLGS, the question I was asked most was: "Sooo... are you going to paint it red?"

I was seriously tempted. BUT, since the Gunpla is, by nautre, something of a break from my 40k habits, I figured I'd check out the local handware stores for some other options and...

Note that this does NOT necessarily mean I'm going to collect a small detachment of Crimson Fists...

Oh, wow, the more I think about it...

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