Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three things about the new edition...

Time to dust this guy off? 

We've all seen the rumours bouncing around the net and the tantalizing nuggets from White Dwarf #16. There's 3 things about the upcoming edition in particular that interest me (in combination with the Unbound armies):

  1. Psykers - Each Psyker generates warp charge equal to their level, you say? Sooo, in theory, I could have a 1,750 pt Unbound army comprising 20 Solodins and 3 Grey Knight Librarians, giving me 26 dice to roll in my Psychic Phase?
  2. Snap fire - Last I heard, this is just -2 to BS. This is a massive boost to BS4 armies, and funnily enough, makes the Vindicare Assassin a pretty fearsome anti-aircraft weapon. That said, it certainly feels suitably fluffy. There was something extremely odd about, say, a Chapter Master being reduced to the competency of a grot when getting charged. 
  3. New vehicle damage table - YES! I love my vehicles and if they get tougher in this edition, so much the better! Also, I'm really glad I haven't chopped up any minis with meltaguns and swapped them out for plasmaguns...
So, yeah, 3 little things that have me pretty excited about the new edition. I'm really hoping this makes Grey Knights and Blood Angels shine a little more - I'm kinda in the mood to put them on the table soon... 

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