Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hungry for 7th...

Man, I am dying for a game of 7th ed... So, to keep myself from going insane, I've been keeping myself busy catching up with some old models and making them presentable. Also, I just whipped these up:

Nothing complicated here. Just a little paint and varnish and putting some old, old decals to good use. For Eternal War missions, I'd just use them like I used to. For Maelstrom of War, the Mysterious Objective dice can just be left beside it, so as not to obscure the number.

Inspired by the performance of the Red Thunder, I decided my Blood Angels needed more boots on the ground, so here are my 3 Tactical Squads to bolster the ranks.

I assembled the heavy bolter dude a long, long time ago, mostly because I thought the gun looked cool. Then, having played around with Razorback Assault Squads for a while, I promptly forgot him. Now, after a few more games of putting mere mortals on the board, a gene-enhanced super-soldier toting a massive, rapid-firing gun is looking more attractive than ever, so I painted this guy up, just in case.

I'm pleased to see that 2 editions since I started my Blood Angels, the meltagun still hasn't gone out of fashion. You gotta love a weapon designed to kill any one thing it's pointed at...

While I can say my technique with decals has improved over the years, the quality of Space Marine decals has not. Seriously, how do you get these things to lie perfectly flat on those pauldrons??

Left: New grunt, right: Very, very old grunt. From my first Tactical Squad, in fact. 
There's still plenty of line highlights that need doing here, but on the whole I'm pretty pleased with my rank and file.  Now let's see how well I keep them alive...

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