Thursday, December 26, 2013

Moar paint!

Because painted model roll better. Mostly. Well, hell, I feel better just not putting naked plastic on the board, all right? Here's what's been cooking...

Got most of the lenses done. That big searchlight turned out a lot better than I'd expected.

Shaded the gauntlets a bit, to give them a little more depth. 

A spare Catachan sergeant. Just in case I'd like to field the Catachans without Sgt Harker. 

Yay! 3 plasmaguns means plasma Veterans! Something nice and mean to pop in a Chimera...

And of course a team of plasma veterans can't go to battle without their buddies, the melta vets... 

And some snipers, to be part of the Company Command, coz they're going to be way in the backfield, plinking shots away while everyone else is out doing the real scrapping. 

Last but not least, more infantry. Coz this is His Divine Majesty's Imperial Guard!

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