Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seduced by the Dark Side!

I found myself standing in Border's the other day, staring at a shelf very well-stocked with Fantasy Flight's X-Wing miniatures game.

I saw a couple of games in progress, saw a few battle reports, read the rulebook, and figured: Why not? I loved the X-Wing flight sim games as a kid. So, after a quick calculation, I realized that there's a lot of mileage to be gotten out of pretty few models. In fact, for not even half the cost of that Tau army I've been mulling over, I can get the X-Wing Core set and 6 more fighters (which makes a 100pt squadron for the Empire and Rebels). That's about MYR600 or so saved, not to mention some insane amount of time and effort in assembling and painting, which, truth be told, is better spent on finishing off the paintjobs of my existing armies.

At the time of writing, I have 4 solild 40k armies: Blood Angels, Necrons, Chaos Marines and Deathwing. On top of that, I've allied contingents of Imperial Guard and Grey Knights. I do NOT need another army. What I could use, however, is a nice, quick game with a low model count and a nice, intuitive mechanic that captures the cut and thrust of dogfighting in the Star Wars universe.

So, I've thus far had 2 games of X-Wing at 60pts, playing once each as Empire and Rebels, and I have to say, I'm hooked. By this time next week, I should have 2 TIE Fighters, a TIE Interceptor and a TIE Advanced for the Imperials; and 2 X-Wings and a Y-Wing for the Rebels.

I am pleased, and I totally recommend this game for anyone who wants a good, engaging Star Wars game that's quick to pick up and quick to play. Is it more fun than 40k? Not even close. But if you've got about 45 mins to an hour and, like me, you get no pleasure out of games of 40k of less than 1,750 pts, then I can think of few things better than X-Wing.

Addendum: By the way, f*** the Tau. My interest in acquiring new armies for 40k is hereby at an end. Unless, of course, I drop an existing army and make room in my life for another. Not bloody likely...