Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aaaaarrrgghh! Curse you, FAQ!

Belial, by ~lobaud on Deviantart

Well, there are new FAQs on the GW site, and my Deathwing has been struck a blow! Well, kind of. Here's the offending piece of text:

Q: Do units deploying via the Deathwing Assault special rule count
toward the limit of units you are allowed to keep in Reserves at the
start of a battle? (p44)
A: Yes.

Alas, no more null deployment for me, I'm going to have to start with stuff on the board... Still, given what my list is like, that means Belial, the Librarian, the Deathwing Knights and one more squad can Deathwing Assault in, while the others on the board need either Cyclones or plasma cannons to hurl long-range dakka as they advance. The difference is the possibility of having to endure a turn of enemy fire on Turn One. Not too much of a nasty change, I suppose, but I'll just have to get a game or 2 with Deathwing in...


  1. Ha ha... your winning game with me has been render nulled

    1. It was hardly a win anyways - we fought to near total mutual annihilation! Seems to be a recurring theme everytime Deathwing comes out to play...