Monday, June 4, 2012

15 pts of Khador!

Well, here's my first 15 pts of WYSIWYG Khador:

Read on for a breakdown of what does what...

Winter Guard - Ah, the good old Winter Guard. Can't go too far wrong with these guys. While the Butcher and the jacks advance up the centre to smash at the bulk of the enemy force, these guys will advance on one flank. With Combined Ranged Attack and Butcher's feat, they can churn out 5 RAT 7, POW 14 shots. Boosted, too, giving a respectable 24.5 damage each. Quite enough to hurt even Khadoran jacks pretty badly. The Butcher's Iron Flesh makes sure they survive long enough to close and deal a telling blow.

Juggernaut - Old reliable. I have to say, the Open Fist is great fun. Once killed a Magehunter Assassin by picking up a Dawnguard Sentinel to hurl the poor devil at her. And that big honking Ice Axe is truly a weapon to be feared, at P+S 19, a Juggernaut with the Butcher behind it can potentially kill anything it touches. Again, an excellent, solid jack to take full advantage of Full Throttle.

Berserker - This jack has seen 2 battles so far. In the first, he was shot to pieces by Stormfall Archers before he could reach enemy lines. In the second, his arms were disabled by Houseguard Halberdiers before he could start swinging. Still, he got a good headbutt in... before blowing up. This isn't to say he hasn't done his job, mind you. Under the influence of the Butcher's Full Throttle, he's potentially vicious in close combat. He's also the most fragile of Khador's jacks (barring Scrapjack) so faced with the Berserker and the Juggernaut headed their direction, an opponent will generally choose to shoot the Berserker, saving the Juggernaut from a lot of abuse, letting it hit enemy lines and go to work.

Manhunter - If my opponent tries something sneaky (like a Magehunter Assassin, a Ghost Sniper, Eiryss, etc...) my Manhunter's there to counter it. So far, she's done well. I find it's best not to be too aggressive with her and have her flit about the weak points in my formation as a deterrent and choose the right moment to dart forward and get stuck in.

The Butcher - The centre of the army and rightly so. I'd been told that people who face the Butcher learn very quickly what 10 inches looks like. In one duel, a Phoenix myrmidon made the unfortunate mistake of advancing unsupported within charge distance of my Butcher. Comrade Zoktavir wrecked the offending interloper with 2 focus to spare. Didn't even have to pop the feat. Having armour to match a warjack has also been a big help. Twice I've won battles when a Scyrah caster tried to dart in for an assassination run. Both times you could practically hear the Butcher growl contemptuously, "Is that all?" before Lola brought the conversation to an abrupt and messy end...

A Khadoran force under the Butcher is not simply a blunt instrument. To be sure, it can deal a monstrous amount of damage on feat turn, and has far fewer interesting tricks and shenanigans compared to other casters, but that means the few options you do have need to be played with care and timing.

So, that's my 15 pts. Next up, a push to 25 pts. Now... what shall I do with this guy...

Yet another unreasonably large axe to add to the army...

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