Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Almost got a new Librarian... Aaaand he's done!

Soon, soon...

I've kept to my usual habit of blending red to yellow on force weapons, though this time, I've gone with a different technique. Usually, I start by painting the area for blending Mephiston Red, then work from one end and blend as I go with Blood Red, Trollslayer Orange, Golden Yellow and Vallejo's Pale Yellow. This time, I started with Iyanden Darksun, then blended starting from the centre. I found this saved quite a bit more time and effort.

The blue is achieved with Ultramarine Blue washed with Asurmen Blue, line highlighted with Lothern Blue. I still intend to highlight a little further, perhaps mixing some white in.

As I mentioned earlier, I'd decided to base all the gold areas with Iyanden Darksun before painting on Shining Gold, shading with Devlan Mud. I daresay that is what made a really big difference compared to my old technique of painting layer upon layer of Shining Gold on black, then shading with Chestnut Ink, making the mini as a whole appear much brighter.

<Moments later...>

And here he is, standing amongst my old Librarians for comparison:

What we have here is a small psychic nuclear weapon worth of Librarians... Is that a cat's whisker I see before me? 
Well, I'm pleased with how he turned out, and I've a list or two which I'm itching to try out... Next up, I think it's high time I got back to work on my Grey Knights...

Here he is again, in all his glory, ready to deliver the Emperor's wrath...

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