Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nameless blob no longer!

After more battles than I can recall fielding the blob of 20 Warriors, I'm pleased to say I've decided they're worthy of a dab of paint to permanently reflect their role marching alongside the Crimson King. That, and I'm tired of referring to them as "the blob" or "the phalanx" . Henceforth, they are the Crimson Guard!

Not highlighted just yet, but it'll happen sooner or later...

Yah, I know the name's been taken, but sod GI Joe. And I'll think up something else for my IG contingent. I mean, come on, my Overlord has grown into the title, and those warriors guard him; what else could I call them?

Update: The Crimson Guard's first outing wasn't quite so auspicious. Got wiped out by Ian's bikers. The Crimson King was most displeased, got back up and gave the bikers what for shortly after...

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