Wednesday, November 17, 2010


For those who don't already know, this blog is a spin-off from my previous blog, Cheng's Mirror. I decided it best I keep my hobbygaming separate from my other semi-coherent ramblings and also figured it would be nice to have a record of the progress of my happy little 40k addiction. Anyway, on to the geekiness.

I'm going to assume that whoever reads this blog is already familiar with the world of Warhammer 40k. If not, there's plenty of other sites which will explain it in far greater depth and detail than I could be bothered to, not least of which is the GW site.

This blog will track the story of my army, or maybe even armies, if something should ever possess me to raise more than one. The title of the blog will tell an experienced player plenty about my army. Mechanized Blood Angels, naturally, seeing as, after my first few games of 5th ed., I found mechanized to be the most fun way to play.

Truth be told, I've always had a soft spot for Imperial Guard, what with them being the beleaguered humans in a very, very hostile galaxy and all, but the thing is, I put a fair amount of effort into my painting and I paint horribly slowly. As such, were I to field Imperial Guard, I'd be painting my 1st 1000pts until the stars grow cold. On top of that, there were 2 other factors that shoved me headlong in the direction of the Blood Angels:

1) I got my grubby paws on Space Hulk's 3rd edition. Those new terminators are gorgeous!

2) An aunt of mine got bamboozled into picking up a pile of GW stuff last Xmas for my nephews, who were (and are still) far too young to even assemble their first marines. A Land Raider Crusader and 15 Tactical Marines thus fell into my lap...

And so Blood Angels it is. Thus concludes the introduction. Next up, the army lists...

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